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Phoenix offers a customized, ROI-focused approach to every system implementation.

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Our senior project leaders — flexible, nimble and knowledgeable — will exceed your expectations. How your IT projects are designed, planned and managed can make or break their success. No matter the promises offered by software vendors, every implementation has to meet ROI objectives, and provide significant benefits to your people. Typically, systems vendors come in, install their software and leave, with little focus on process changes, training and overall ROI. They expect you to take it from there. Not so with our implementation leaders; we make the software work for you, on your terms, not theirs.

We outsource our technology services to Phoenix for two reasons — difficulty attracting talent and inability to create and maintain infrastructure for our EMR transition. Phoenix is a great partner and has done an excellent job modernizing our technology services and infrastructure.

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We are objective, sensitive to client concerns, and focused on your organization’s objectives — from day one until the project is complete to your satisfaction. Phoenix’ project leaders, applications specialists and infrastructure support staff apply industry standard methodologies to manage IT implementations. We understand that for maximum benefit, your electronic health records (EHRs) and other technology tools should be optimized for best performance.  We will lead your organization in meeting your implementation objectives on time and on budget.

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Phoenix works with the client’s IT staff, users, and software vendors to develop robust project teams, plan, and manage the numerous concurrent initiatives, human resources and cutting-edge technologies that typically comprise IT systems implementations. Our methodologies are state of the art, and the foundation of hundreds of successful implementations. 


Project Elements

  • Defining project requirements, scope, tasks, objectives and deliverables, including timelines and milestones
  • Determining, allocating and managing resources
  • Process change management and training
  • Budgetary and issues tracking and management, including regular client reporting
  • Stringent quality assurance management

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When you bundle with other solutions, you get just one partner to help you succeed and the efficiency of integrated solutions. From hospitals to physician practices, Medsphere is your go-to resource for all healthcare IT needs.


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