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Download Our EHR Implementation Guide & Help Make Your Doctors Happy

September 13, 2018

Healthcare IT, IT Project Management 1 Minute Read

Barely a week goes by without seeing a new report detailing physicians’ dissatisfaction with their hospitals’ IT systems. EHRs are the #1 target.  The good news is that a well-managed EHR implementation improves clinical processes and provides the right clinical data at the right time — and can even result in thumbs-up evaluations by clinical staff. In HealthcareITNews’ most recent survey on EHR satisfaction, users reported fewer complaints and more positive responses than ever before, but with a wish list that is directly related to how well initial implementations are conducted. The critical nature of an EHR implementation prompted us to publish a special downloadable EHR implementation guide that shares time-tested procedures for managing an EHR implementation that includes strong collaboration with user staff from day one.

We have worked with hospitals in leading or supporting hundreds of systems implementations. These projects are complex, time-intensive and expensive.  They require strong leadership and IT expertise, exhaustive planning, and detailed coordination both with the system vendor and all user stakeholders in order to complete them successfully.

In the end,  “If the doctor ain’t happy, then no one is happy.”

If you’re planning an EHR implementation or if your hospital is considering moving to a new EHR system, download this checklist guide and share it with your team. Every hospital has its own environment, culture and needs, so our checklist has been designed as a framework and reference point for developing a plan customized to your organization. We hope it is useful!

Contact us if you’d like to learn how we can provide cost-effective implementation project leadership or support.

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