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CMS Announced ICD-10 Preparation and Testing Plans

August 7, 2014

ICD-10 1 Minute Read

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) updated its preparation and testing recommendations after confirming the ICD-10 deadline last Friday.

The deadline is officially October 1, 2015. In order to meet this deadline, CMS has developed a four-part approach that addresses the following areas:

1. CMS Internal Testing

CMS has implemented a testing program for its Medicare FFS claims processing systems. This program includes four quarterly releases per year, each supported by a testing methodology that includes alpha testing, beta testing, and acceptance testing.

2. Provider-Initiated Beta Testing Tools

To prepare for ICD-10, CMS recommends that providers take advantage of the beta versions of its software that include ICD-10 codes, as well as National Coverage Determination (NCD) and Local Coverage Determination (LCD) code crosswalks to test system preparedness. CMS has published these tools online and they are available for download.

3. Acknowledgement Testing

Providers can submit acknowledgement test claims before the 2015 deadline. CMS will also facilitate acknowledgement testing weeks. These will give submission staff access to real-time support and will enable CMS to assess testing data. Registration is not required for the testing weeks.

4. End-to-End Testing

In 2015, CMS will offer three end-to-end testing opportunities. Each will be open to a limited number of providers. The end-to-end testing will include the submission of test claims to Medicare with ICD-10 codes and the provider’s receipt of a Remittance Advice, explaining the adjudication of the claims.

Information about volunteer registration has not been published, but will be available soon, according to CMS.

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CMS ICD-10 Testing

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