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Choose the Right EHR for Your Behavioral Health Center

February 6, 2023

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Considering a new EHR? Don’t make that weighty decision without the benefit of someone else’s relevant experience.

Dr. Michael Krupa is the CEO and founder of TaraVista and MiraVista behavioral health centers. Before opening TaraVista as a brand new facility, he and his team spent considerable time researching health IT options and strategies so TaraVista would open its doors as a state-of-the-art facility.

For a bit of well-earned wisdom to use in your health IT decision, consider these questions and then click each link for a short video of Dr. Krupa’s experience and perspective.

What operational benefits do EHRs offer over paper charts?

How would you characterize a modern behavioral health care setting that lacks an EHR?

What due diligence is necessary before choosing an EHR?

What criteria are essential when looking at available EHRs?

Should you choose a specialized EHR or a full clinical support platform?

How important is choosing a readily adoptable health IT solution?

Can you characterize the EHR implementation process?

How are EHRs an investment in future efficiencies?

Does an integrated EHR/financial platform increase profitability?

How can an EHR transform the provision of care?

To learn more about Medsphere’s CareVue EHR for behavioral health, click here.

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