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From the Best in the Industry: a Free Service Desk Assessment

May 31, 2017

IT Service Desk 2 Minute Read

Strangely, many hospitals have problematic service desk operations, whether internal or outsourced, but fixing them never gets to the top of the project list. Sticking with mediocre or poor support is likely to be non-cost effective and a major point of dissatisfaction with your medical staff.

If your hospital hasn’t conducted a service desk assessment in the last year or two, it should — or you should let us do one for you.  With continuous internal technology and staff changes, it is easy to underestimate current systems support needs and lose touch with performance and user satisfaction levels. You need the data to know the difference. We’re offering to provide your hospital an assessment without charge, if you set it up by July 31.

Every hospital service desk’s M.O. should include trending analyses of key performance indicators, and results measurements based on ITIL standards. Your leadership should understand if your users are satisfied, and where holes exist. Costs – both direct and indirect – should be analyzed annually to create rational budgets. Many hospitals do not understand their overall service desk costs,  including hidden costs such as non-ticketed support time, equipment replacement, knowledge base maintenance, training time, team incentives, turnover, poor coordination with EHR vendors, and much more.

We are offering your hospital a free cost-benefit analysis of your service desk operation. Our methodology includes examining both your hospital’s direct and indirect support costs, via an in-depth questionnaire and personal interviews by our service desk leadership. You will receive a documented analysis. (We hope you will understand that we can make this offer only to individual hospitals with one service desk, as opposed to large multi-hospital systems. If yours is a two hospital system with one service desk, we can include you too!)

Without apologies, yes, Phoenix does offer hospital IT service desk outsourcing. If we didn’t we wouldn’t be qualified to conduct a proper assessment. But we promise a fair, unbiased, analytical process and report.  If, after you receive our analysis, you want to discuss how we might help — either through consulting support or even outsourcing your service desk — great. If not interested, that’s okay too. We are not high pressure folks.

For the record, Phoenix has managed hospital service desks from our Richardson, TX Service Desk Center for over ten years and we are 100% referenceable. We are experienced in all major hospital EHR platforms, provide clinical support via experienced clinical systems experts, and patient portal support. We also provide desktop, network monitoring and other infrastructure support. Our services meet or exceed the best in the healthcare business — and we will be glad to supply those metrics to you.

Please contact Doug Etue at doug.etue@phoenixhealth.com to discuss this offer. Or, just fill in the form at Contact Us!

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