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Highlights From National Health IT Week

September 22, 2014

Healthcare Industry, ICD-10, Meaningful Use / MIPS 2 Minute Read

The National Health Information Technology week (#NHITweek) is a forum that showcases and advocates for the role of IT in health care. The event was held last week in Washington DC and created a lot of buzz in the health IT industry. People took to social media sharing photos, infographics, memes, articles, and webinars on a variety of health IT topics. As we followed the action via social media, we collected our favorite resources and creative posts. Here they are, in no particular order.

The Blue Button Toolkit

ONC, in conjunction with the White House, the Department of Veterans Affairs, CMS, the Department of Defense, and private sector organizations published a toolkit for providers as part of the Blue Button Initiative. The initiative’s objective is to educate and empower patients via electronic access to health care information.

The toolkit provides guidelines regarding technical standards for sharing data with patients and marketing materials that can be used for engagement and educational purposes.

blue button initiatve






Access the toolkit, here >>


More on Patient Generated Data

As a huge advocate for the sharing and leveraging of patient data, Farzad Mostashari published a video during the week that discusses the value of health data. He makes the case for using all of the pieces of health data that patients and sensors collect to collaborate and find intersections to reveal cause and effect and understand important health information.


Value of Health IT

A lot of discussion occurred during the week around the “value” of health IT. To support the discussion, HIMSS published a really nice infographic and article that illustrates the five values of health IT.

value of health IT












Top HIT Blogs to Watch by CDW

During the week, CDW Healthcare published a list of HIT blogs to watch. We were thrilled to be included in the list alongside some excellent publishers.


Amazing ICD-10 Memes

Because of our interest in ICD-10, as an ICD-10 services provider, we were thoroughly entertained by this series of ICD-10 memes that HIMSS put together. Our favorite is below. Find others here, share with friends, and have a laugh.

ICD-10 meme












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