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Concerns Over MU, Bill Blocking ICD-10 and the Art of Negotiation

For this week’s roundup, we have some pretty interesting Healthcare Industry to cover. We saw news of push back on ICD-10, a proposed delay on Meaningful Use / MIPS and a great article I found that reveals Steve Jobs’ negotiating skills.

Serious Concerns Remain Among CIO’s About Meaningful Use / MIPS Stage 2

This month, HealthSystemCIO.com conducted a survey revealing that nearly 70 percent of CIOs believe while Meaningful Use / MIPS has played a key role in advancing the healthcare IT industry, it still poses major challenges. CIOs expressed the concern that short timelines and current deadlines have impacted the organization’s ability to “fully optimize clinical workflows.”

Responses to the survey questions (like the one below) are posted in the articleMeaningful Use / MIPS

 The Office for Civil Rights has Scheduled Seminars on the Omnibus HIPAA Rule

We’ve been surprised at the limited coverage and resources being provided about the new Omnibus HIPAA rule. To remedy the lack of education, we’ve worked to create helpful resources for those impacted by the new Rule such as our Omnibus HIPAA Special Report and blog series. We were thrilled to see OCR announce that they would be providing a series of web seminars to educate the industry on the Rule. The series will be conducted during June and July. We encourage you to sign up!

Bill Introduced to the Senate to Block HHS from Implementing ICD-10

Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma introduced a bill to the senate this week aimed at blocking the implementation of ICD-10. In a recent HITpoint post, D’Arcy Guerin Gue makes the point that “this latest challenge to our moving into the 21st century of healthcare information management is likely to fail, as have past similar challenges.” However, the introduction of the bill will likely feed the debate on ICD-10.

HealthIT.gov Publishes a Record of Health Information Technology Infographic

HIT Infographic

Get the full Infographic 

Want to Negotiate Like Steve Jobs?

The ability to effectively negotiate can make all the difference. As members of the HIT industry, we are constantly faced with the challenge of navigating proposals, contracts, and general conversations with vendors, staff, etc. It is an important skill to have and one that we should all work to improve, which is what brings me to my “for fun” article I came across this week. The Atlantic published emails revealing Steve Jobs knack for hard-nosed negotiations. It provides the series of email communications between Apple and NewsCorp. and illustrates Jobs’ ability to make a solid case and stand strong.


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