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ICD-10 Resources You May Have Missed

November 10, 2014

ICD-10 2 Minute Read

Over the past few months, our own D’Arcy Guerin Gue has been a contributing author to the online publisher, ICD-10 Monitor. If you’re a Phoenix subscriber, you might have missed some of these posts, so we want to be sure that you get a chance to read through the thoughts and guidance D’Arcy is providing outside PhoenixHealth.com.

The Government That Cried Wolf

In September, D’Arcy published a piece discussing the impact of the ICD-10 delay and the resulting confusion it has caused in the industry. This article shares insight from discussions with hospital leaders. It also provides reasons why the transition to ICD-10 will happen in 2015 and what providers should do to renew their ICD-10 momentum.

Read the article on ICD-10 Monitor >>

ICD-10: Not One But Two Deadlines Coming in 2015

D’Arcy’s October article provides details on the risks of focusing on only the October 1, 2015 deadline. She presents another deadline — April 1, 2015. The April date is six months out from the final deadline — a time when organizations should increase staffing and prepare systems to support the staff who will be impacted by ICD-10.

The article goes further, addressing the impact to coding productivity and advocates for using the six months prior to the deadline to mitigate the risks of ICD-10.

Read the article on ICD-10 Monitor >>

How to Engage the Weary and Wary Physician

Most healthcare providers understand the challenges being faced in the world of EMR use due to physician and clinician adoption barriers. With that in mind, it’s important to understand that your transition to ICD-10 is at risk if you don’t get buy-in from your physicians.

It appears that organizations who are succeeding in their ICD-10 transition have strong physician involvement. Active, committed physician participation, starting with the chief medical officer and chief medical informatics officer is critical to the success of every ICD-10 implementation project.

This piece on ICD-10 provides insight into physician participation barriers and provides strategies for improved physician engagement.

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