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TGIF! A Special Infographic To Boost Service Desk Satisfaction

July 30, 2015

IT Service Desk 1 Minute Read

Everyone wins when IT support teams serve up better answers, fast. One secret is building a sustainable, relevant service desk knowledge base that is always at your support staff’s fingertips. Your physicians and other systems’ users will be happier, and the IT department may become more popular than the coffee shop!

Reinventing the wheel day after day to resolve common issues is a waste of time, both for users and support analysts. Instead, maintain a current, robust knowledge base, a relatively easy effort if standards are set and designated individuals are held responsible.  Download our infographic that illustrates the fundamentals — and share it with your IT staff.

Below is your TGIF infographic on using an up-to-the-minute knowledge base to improve IT user support. Put it up on a bulletin board or send it along to your IT support staff. Share it in a staff meeting. We’ve created it just for HITpoint readers, to promote the use of industry standards to create and maintain a service desk knowledge base that will help your hospital provide the best support service possible to your users.

(P.S. We care about quality IT support, and prove it everyday in our Richardson, TX Service Center. For more info, contact us!)

Knowledge Base Infographic

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