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Meaningful Use / MIPS Education for Providers and Patients

September 20, 2013

Healthcare Industry, Meaningful Use / MIPS 2 Minute Read

The ONC plans to remain at the forefront of health IT

Farzad Mostashari, the National Coordinator at the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC), addressed questions regarding ONC’s role in healthcare IT, in an interview this week. According to a recent article in Healthcare IT News, some people are wondering how relevant the ONC is now that EHR adoption has reached critical mass and Meaningful Use / MIPS incentives are decreasing. Mostashari states that the ONC still has an important role to play. He cited policy development and agency coordination as important needs the ONC plans to fulfill.

The six things you should know about Meaningful Use / MIPS and EHRs in 2014

This week Health IT Buzz published a list of some of the most important things providers should know about Meaningful Use / MIPS and EHRs in order to be prepared for requirements in 2014.

The article answers the six questions below and provides excellent information for those who are preparing for Meaningful Use / MIPS in 2014.

Questions answered in the article:

  1. Does Meaningful Use / MIPS Stage 1 change in 2014?
  2. Do all EPs, EHs, and CAHs need to upgrade to 2014 edition certified EHR technology in 2014?
  3. What is the Meaningful Use / MIPS reporting period length in 2014?
  4. What happens if a Medicare EP, EH, or CAH skips Meaningful Use / MIPS in 2014 or applies for a hardship exception in 2014?
  5. When is the last year Medicare EPs can start Meaningful Use / MIPS to get incentive payments?
  6. How does 2014 Meaningful Use / MIPS performance relate to Medicare payment adjustments?

Meaningful Use / MIPS education site intended to educate both providers and patients

The department of Health and Human Services (HHS) created a Meaningful Use / MIPS consent website with the intent of helping providers offer patients the opportunity to define how they want their e-health records shared. The site works to educate both providers and patients on laws, policies and issues related to the health information exchange (HIE).

In an article about the new site in Healthcare Informatics, Joy Pritts, chief privacy officer of the ONC was quoted. She states, “As patients become more engaged in their health care, it’s vitally important that they understand more about various aspects of their choices when it relates to sharing their health in the electronic health information exchange environment.”


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