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Medsphere Adds CloudMedx Artificial Intelligence to CareVue EHR Platform

July 8, 2019

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Machine learning and natural language processing tools enable CareVue clients to improve care through tailored, actionable, agile insights

Carlsbad, CA—July 9, 2019Medsphere Systems Corporation, the leading provider of affordable and interoperable healthcare information technology (IT) solutions and services, today announced the addition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to the company’s comprehensive CareVue electronic health record (EHR) platform. CareVue’s complete clinical and financial suite of applications now includes an AI engine developed by CloudMedx that gives clinicians and administrators the power to pull meaningful and actionable insights from system data.    

The integration of AI capabilities is highly significant. Medsphere is among the earliest to add AI as a standard, harmonized function, not an additional product, thereby fulfilling the promise of EHRs for which clinicians have long been clamoring. A long-term, multi-year partnership will include the roll out of CloudMedx AI tools in the CareVue EHR platform to benefit hospitals, care staff, and patients. CareVue and CloudMedx combined offer the potential of robotic process automation to reduce administrative burdens, automate workflows, improve cost efficiencies, and reduce wasteful spending.

“I have no doubt that what will separate EHR winners from also-rans will be the kind of flexibility and responsiveness that artificial intelligence enables,” said Medsphere President and CEO Irv Lichtenwald. “We’ve created these large systems that encompass clinical and financial functions, but previously the challenges of agility and affordability remained. Already affordable to any healthcare enterprise, CareVue is now more nimble than ever, providing dynamic and straightforward access to meaningful data.”

Specifically, Medsphere’s partnership with CloudMedx gives CareVue the kind of analytics power that many EHR systems promise but have yet to achieve. CareVue AI will use both structured and unstructured data from core patient records—as well as pharmacy, laboratory, radiology and other applications—and then apply natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning tools to improve the care process. CareVue AI also aims to reduce errors through improved patient risk assessments, as well as faster clinical documentation.

Maximizing data through AI offers benefits for all involved in the healthcare process. Hospitals can improve care through clinical insights and automation of both clinical and financial processes. Physicians and care staff can get actionable insights at the point of care. And documentation and coding personnel can optimize their workloads significantly by improving chart review and turn around. CloudMedx makes application programming interfaces (APIs) available to care partners so CareVue AI clients can extend NLP and machine learning benefits. CloudMedx will also extend access to its patient care application, through which CareVue can provide patients access to personalized health insights and educational information.

“We strongly believe that true transformation in healthcare can be accelerated through such joint efforts,” said CloudMedx CEO Tashfee Suleman. “We are very excited to partner with Medsphere to jointly serve their customers, communities, and patients with advanced insights so that their workflows can be automated using the best of breed technology. We believe in empowering organizations with insights generated from their own data and with our platform, we can do that effectively and with actionable results”

By making the CareVue EHR available through a subscription service, Medsphere provides comprehensive healthcare IT to any organization regardless of size or budget. With AI, CareVue now also gives all client organizations access to analytical tools that are often only available to much larger and wealthier hospitals and health systems.

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