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Medsphere Brings Southern Inyo Hospital into Modern EHR Era

July 26, 2017

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Go-live of OpenVista Cloud at rural safety net hospital demonstrates the unique value of remote EHR access though an affordable subscription service model.

Carlsbad, CAMedsphere Systems Corporation, the leading provider of affordable and interoperable healthcare information technology (IT) solutions and services, today announced that Lone Pine, California, based Southern Inyo Hospital is live on the company’s OpenVista Cloud EHR. The critical access hospital serves as the primary source of care for recreationists visiting numerous outdoor destinations in the area, including Mt. Whitney, Death Valley and the Alabama Hills National Recreation Area.

What makes Southern Inyo an essential resource in a remote location is also what makes cloud-based services and solutions like OpenVista Cloud ideal for non-urban settings. As one might expect, technical resources are not readily available in places like Lone Pine, nor are they as necessary with OpenVista Cloud. The successful go-live at Southern Inyo is the continuation of Medsphere’s cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) strategy, which is currently in place at other customer sites.

“The go live of OpenVista Cloud at Southern Inyo is a highly significant event for us because it manifests our broader healthcare IT vision,” said Benny Benzeevi, MD, chairman and CEO of Healthcare Conglomerate Associates (HCCA), the company that manages the hospital for the Southern Inyo Health District. “We appreciate the truly collaborative approach Medsphere took to the implementation and the efforts the implementation team made to meet the specific needs of a rural, critical-access hospital. This will change for the better the way we provide care.”

OpenVista Cloud is accessible from all the most commonly used platforms, including Windows, Linux and MacOS. OpenVista deployed as a cloud-based service gives Medsphere the ability to implement more rapidly than with onsite deployments. The company’s subscription service payment model gives all hospitals affordable access to modern, comprehensive healthcare IT systems.

“Southern Inyo’s experience with OpenVista Cloud demonstrates that the future of healthcare IT is in cloud-based applications and SaaS models that give clinicians, staff and patients the ability to access relevant data and functionality from anywhere,” said Medsphere CEO Irv Lichtenwald. “There’s plenty of recognition and thanks to go around, but it’s important that Southern Inyo staff know we appreciate their commitment and energy. When EHR projects are essentially driven by the vendor, they are less successful. Southern Inyo ensured their own success by engaging from start to finish.”

Medsphere’s OpenVista EHR is an acute and inpatient behavioral health-oriented portfolio of clinical products and services. On top of public domain computer code available through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Medsphere has developed numerous enhancements that meet the needs and desires of hospitals and other facilities.

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