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Medsphere Makes Interoperability Pledge

April 6, 2016

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OpenVista EHR developer joins fellow healthcare IT providers in embracing the Office of the National Coordinator’s call for consumer access, transparency and standards.

Healthcare is not just another business and has unique qualities that require it be managed in a conscious, thoughtful manner. As America has set certain healthcare system improvement goals for itself that require an extensive healthcare IT network, Medsphere believes every entity, including private corporations, have an obligation to focus on those goals to the benefit of citizens nationwide.  

In policy and practice, Medsphere adheres to the principles of open, connected and secure data sharing among all providers. To further these goals and advance interoperability among health information systems enabling free movement of data, we embrace the following foundational principles:

  1. Consumer access: To help consumers easily and securely access their electronic health information, direct it to any desired location, learn how their information can be shared and used, and be assured that this information will be effectively and safely used to benefit their health and that of their community.
  2. No Blocking/Transparency: To help providers share individuals’ health information for care with other providers and their patients whenever permitted by law, and not block electronic health information (defined as knowingly and unreasonably interfering with information sharing).
  3. Standards: Implement federally recognized, national interoperability standards, policies, guidance, and practices for electronic health information, and adopt best practices including those related to privacy and security.

Of course, making a pledge is something any person or organization can do. What matters is actually embedding that commitment in contracts and practices.  

Medsphere enables patient access to electronic health information. We train providers at our client sites to interact with patients on how to use the OpenVista patient portal and to encourage patients to regularly access and review their health information.

Medsphere facilitates interoperability. We provide our acute care and behavioral health clients with the tools necessary to securely share patient health information within and between organizations. Medsphere built an HIE-type environment in support of a multi-facility state organization. Providers can access health information housed in a data center that serves all seven state hospitals.

Medsphere is and will continue to be compliant with the ONC HIT certification program. As the developer of an open platform healthcare IT system, we provide products and capabilities to the community in support of interoperability, integration and interfacing. Medsphere has created and adopted best practices, including those related to privacy and security, which enable our customers to safely and reliably exchange information.

Medsphere looks forward to the not-too-distant future in which patient data will flow rapidly and securely to wherever it can improve care and reduce costs. This goal is now within our grasp.

Click on Interoperability Pledge to visit the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT to visit the website and learn more.

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