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Medsphere Simplifies EHR Adoption, Moves CareVue EHR to Amazon Web Services

March 6, 2018

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Affordable, cloud-based healthcare IT platform and largest, most experienced cloud provider give hospitals a secure, comprehensive option that saves dollars for other hospital initiatives.

Carlsbad, CAMedsphere Systems Corporation, the leading provider of affordable and interoperable healthcare information technology (IT) solutions and services, has migrated the company’s CareVue electronic health record (EHR) to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The expanded availability gives current and future Medsphere customers a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) option that enables community hospitals to cut costs by eliminating local data centers and take advantage of professional security protocols. CareVue Cloud on AWS is currently in production at multiple Medsphere customer sites.  

Where hospitals once had suspicions about the vulnerability of cloud-based systems, most leaders have come around to the superiority of the cloud. Specifically, AWS enables Medsphere to provide customers with the system redundancy, high level security and safe sharing protocols many hospitals are challenged to create on their own.

“Our goal has been to balance out the tension between security and system access, and we’re confident that CareVue Cloud creates peace of mind without putting unnecessary burdens on clinicians,” said Irv Lichtenwald, Medsphere president and CEO. “After researching options, we became convinced AWS is the most secure and robust platform available to host CareVue Cloud, which we think will give our customers security and stability as they focus on clinical hospital programs.”

In addition to the robust security AWS provides all clients and with an eye toward HIPAA and HITECH, Medsphere has layered on healthcare-specific measures:

  • Security-focused design philosophy: To protect patient data, customer systems are isolated from one another; live and back-up systems are geographically distinct.
  • Access control: Communication via IPsec virtual private networks (VPN) and multi-factor authentication support a healthcare IT system that is difficult to breach.
  • Encryption: Medsphere encrypts patient data both in transit and at rest.
  • Disaster recovery/Business continuity: In case of extremes, live and back-up systems are geographically separate, with constant data replication and hourly system snapshots.

CareVue Cloud is accessible from all the most commonly used platforms, including Windows, Linux and MacOS. Deploying CareVue as a service via AWS, Medsphere can implement the solution more rapidly than with onsite deployments.

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