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Medsphere Systems Corporation Acquires Micro-Office Systems

November 18, 2020

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Affordable systems and services provider enhances platform connectivity by adding creator of custom medical practice and healthcare IT solutions  

South Euclid, OH, and Salt Lake City, UT Medsphere Systems Corporation today announced the acquisition of Micro-Office Systems (MOS) in a move that will even further enhance the value and usability of Medsphere’s affordable healthcare IT solutions and services. Moving forward, MOS will retain the Micro-Office Systems name with the added modifier, “A Division of Medsphere.”

With over 30 years of healthcare IT experience, MOS focuses on creating the in-between technology that streamlines the functionality of various platforms and applications to the benefit of administrators, clinicians, and patients. The MOS product portfolio includes numerous interfaces to improve communication and integration among solutions; system migration tools and strategies to smooth and hasten the transition from one system to another; and the Patient Communications Gateway, a comprehensive, modular system that empowers healthcare organizations to effectively communicate with patients.

“The entire healthcare IT industry, with as many products as there are, has evolved to the point where the connective tissue is just about as important as the muscle and bone,” said Medsphere President and CEO Irv Lichtenwald. “Even when healthcare IT was in its relative infancy, Micro-Office Systems was improving communication among platforms and making localized systems work better for all users. This is a tremendous addition to Medsphere’s solution suite and we have every confidence that our clients will recognize and appreciate the enhanced performance MOS enables.”

The breadth of Medsphere’s solution and service portfolio makes clear the value of solutions like those MOS provides. Medsphere electronic health records (EHRs) serve acute and psychiatric inpatient settings, ambulatory environments, and emergency rooms. The company’s revenue cycle management suite improves financial performance in all healthcare settings. The Phoenix Health consulting and outsourcing division provides award-winning services many hospitals desperately need but have trouble obtaining.  

“We’re excited about contributing to what Medsphere is doing in the healthcare IT market,” said MOS CEO Norman Efroymson. “The reality is that some wealthy hospitals and health systems can afford to purchase a mostly complete platform from one vendor, but that’s not necessarily the best acquisition approach, and it certainly isn’t available to all healthcare organizations. We believe Medsphere’s approach of effectively linking robust technology to create a platform all providers can afford will win the day, which is why we’re on board.”

The acquisition of MOS is only Medsphere’s most recent move to expand company offerings. In recent years Medsphere has added ambulatory healthcare IT solutions provider ChartLogic; award-winning healthcare IT consulting and outsourcing provider Phoenix Health Systems; robust revenue cycle management systems developer Stockell Healthcare, which now operates under the Medsphere banner; and the top-rated Wellsoft emergency department information system.  

About Micro-Office Systems

For over 30 years, Micro-Office Systems (MOS) has been helping medical practitioners operate more efficiently with lower overhead costs and better service. A true partner to clients, MOS is dedicated to long-term client growth in terms of both patients and revenues through vital resources such as conversions, interfaces, and patient portals. MOS software integrates thousands of systems performing millions of transactions across disparate healthcare systems throughout North America.

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