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Phoenix Health Systems Continues to Be Ranked #1 for Full IT Department Outsourcing by Black Book Research

June 19, 2018

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Richardson, TX— For the second year in a row, Phoenix Health Systems has been recognized by healthcare market research firm Black Book Research as first among the nation’s hospital IT department outsourcing companies for customer satisfaction and experience.

Black Book’s May 2018 hospital outsourcing user survey polled C-suites, hospital boards and senior managers from 709 hospitals to expand upon its September 2017 Survey, bringing the total number of responding users to 4,595. They were asked to assess their confidence in partnering with outside support contractors in various specialties and to determine which partners they found the most professional and reliable using several key performance indicators. Phoenix Health Systems was ranked first in the study’s category of hospital IT department outsourcing services.

“Hundreds of outsourcing firms are creating a niche by specifically focusing on healthcare clients only,” said Doug Brown, president of Black Book Research. Ninety-eight percent of hospitals are either already working with third-party vendors for cost-efficiencies or are considering doing so, according to the survey.

“Once again, we are very honored to be ranked number one in this prestigious study,” said Ronald L. Gue, Ph.D., president of Phoenix Health Systems. “Given the high number of healthcare IT outsourcing firms in this country, it is gratifying that hospitals are reaffirming the high-quality results that Phoenix’ outsourcing staff works so diligently to provide. Our people are exceedingly knowledgeable and capable. They also are genuinely passionate about resolving our clients’ challenges and collaborating with them to achieve highly cost-effective healthcare and greater financial stability. I am proud and grateful to have such an extraordinary team.”  

Black Book highlighted its latest report by noting that by 2022, average hospital costs must be reduced by 24 percent just to break even – one of many reasons why outsourcing has become so popular.

“For hospitals in financial danger with margin pressures placing the entire hospital workforce at risk, attacking margin by outsourcing one or more areas can actually save jobs in other core departments,” said Brown. “Also, outsourcing agreements can be structured so they do not affect existing staff. Or they may stipulate the retention of existing staff into the incoming outsourcing entity. It is a matter of finding the right company to partner with, through research and background checks on the firms being considered including the vendor’s history of partnerships with other hospitals.”

About Black Book

Black Book Market Research is the parent group for Black Book Rankings, a full-service healthcare-centric market research and public opinion research company. Founded in 2002, the company offers complete quantitative and qualitative research services, excelling in the design of customized surveys and research approaches to meet specific client needs in healthcare, pharmaceutics, biomedical devices, managed care, health insurance, and technology.

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