Medsphere Team

Podcast: Archive Retired Systems: Pitfalls to Avoid

September 10, 2021

Data Archival, Data Conversions, Healthcare IT, Podcast 1 Minute Read

There’s a strange give and take in healthcare related to the technology systems most organizations now use to store and access patient data.

While many of these legacy systems are astronomically expensive and fairly demand that healthcare organizations find affordable alternatives, many are afraid to make such a change for fear of losing patient and other data. System transitions can also just be overly complex, adding another layer of burden to teams already spread thin in the wake of COVID-19 and increased patient expectations.

Despite these challenges, hospitals and health systems can move on from overly expensive platforms without losing essential data. In this episode of the Full Circle Healthcare podcast, Norman Efroymson, vice president of Medsphere’s Micro-Office Systems division, outlines strategies for avoiding common pitfalls and moving on from overly expensive solutions with no ill effects.

For three decades, Micro-Office Systems has delivered cutting-edge medical IT solutions and helped organizations find the best answers to their unique challenges. The company’s proven medical data extraction and conversion tools and processes make transitions secure and seamless, handle careful conversion of data from legacy systems, and ensure that providers don’t miss a beat during system transition.


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