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Podcast: Protect Your Hospital from Ransomware

While the growth of healthcare spending has fluctuated somewhat over the last few decades, these fluctuations have never been dramatic and combine to create an inexorable rise in healthcare costs that appears to have no natural apex. What healthcare needs is not an additional financial burden that is both unpredictable and completely lacking benefit, which is the reality hackers are unleashing on healthcare (hospitals, specifically) in the U.S.

While healthcare organizations don’t always publicize the details of hacks or ransomware incidents (the former has to be made known when numerous patient records are lost) because they’re terrible public relations, we do know that these and similar incidents are happening with increasing frequency and devastating financial impact. In 2020, for example, 92 separate ransomware attacks impacted more than 600 separate healthcare organizations and more than 18 million patient records at an estimated cost of almost $21 billion.

So, which hospitals are most vulnerable to ransomware incidents? The disconcerting answer is most of them.

In this podcast, Phoenix Health Systems VP Thomas Grove surveys the hospital security landscape and offers strategies even cash-strapped hospitals can employ to improve the security situation.


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