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Podcast: Reliable Broadband Crucial to Quality of Rural Care & Life

December 27, 2021

Healthcare IT, Podcast, Rural Healthcare 1 Minute Read

The waterfall impact of poor internet service in rural areas of America has finally become obvious. Young families resist moving to rural areas because of poor broadband availability, leaving companies with a small labor base to recruit from. When good companies leave rural communities or choose to never locate there, tax bases shrink, local governments have too little revenue to pursue initiatives, and shops and restaurants disappear.

And hospitals and clinics feel the impact of every falling domino in the entire process, which, uninterrupted, eventually results in ghostly main streets, shuttered houses and stores, and distant medical care. Of course, the benefits to healthcare of rapid broadband are proven. Telehealth gives rural hospitals access to expertise and care available in urban healthcare facilities, and it keeps patients and providers safely distant for check-ups and routine visits during things like pandemics.


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