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Six Superb Resources for Just-in-Time ICD-10 Success

September 9, 2015

ICD-10 5 Minute Read

Over the last three years, we’ve published many blog posts, articles and infographics about ICD-10 that have been warmly received — for which we thank our readers! Today, I’m turning the tables and recommending six of the best ICD-10 resources on the web. If you’ve never visited some or all of these sites, you’re in luck. Even if you think you’ve seen all that these sites offer, take a close look below at many of their hidden gems.

1. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid If you haven’t already scoured the CMS site, or visited it recently, you should go there today!  CMS has continually added new tools, guides, videos and more to support small hospitals and physician practices, in particular. Just a few examples:

2. AHIMA AHIMA’s membership involvement is central to ICD-10 compliance.  The nearly 100-year old health information management association has developed an extraordinary amount of supportive whitepapers, guides and programs. Having said this, some of its ICD-10 content goes back a year or two before the government’s deadline delays.  If you ignore dates,  most of AHIMA’s resources are highly relevant and well worth exploring. A stand-out is its “Clinical Documentation Tips.” You can access AHIMA’s written resources from the “Choose Your Path to ICD-10” page.

Also, hurry to this AHIMA page, which includes announcements about upcoming ICD-10 related webinars and other events, such as:

3. HIMSSHIMSS recently produced a timely, efficient resource:  “Preparing for ICD-10 in Less Than 120 Days: Critical Activities Checklist.” One of the checklist’s big positives is that its time-critical to-do’s differentiate between organizations that rely on clearinghouses, and those that do not. The HIMSS ICD-10 page also links to  some older, but very good references, including its  “Successful ICD-10 Implementation from a Provider Perspective,”  its “ICD-10 Readiness Guide,” and its “ICD-10 Testing Guidance.”

4. Advance for Health Information ProfessionalsThis online publication produces ICD-10 articles, webinars, Q/As and surveys. Its  26 page e-book “A Successful Transition to ICD-10,” focuses on several aspects of implementation by several authors. The site has ICD-10 focused webinars available in its archives, including Coding, CDI, and Case Management: The Essential Collaboration Needed for ICD-10 Success,” and “The ICD-10 Gotchas.”

5. ICD-10 Monitor Lots of excellent, authoritative material here by qualified industry authors who are directly involved with ICD-10 issues and write well. I count myself as one of them, but would recommend this dedicated ICD-10 content provider even if I were not. Most recent offerings include:

6. ICD-10 Watch. The excellent writers of this blog-styled web site have regularly published authoritative educational articles for years. Recent posts include:

Whether before or after October 1, we can help you with your ICD-10 transition. If you would like to talk, please contact us.

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