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Shortage of Qualified IT Professionals & What it Means for Hospitals

May 13, 2020

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In today’s medical landscape, there’s a genuine shortage of qualified IT professionals.

  • In the U.S., there are 17% more job openings than available qualified IT workers. 15 million IT jobs could go unfilled just this year
  • 60% of IT vacancies remain open for three months or longer
  • IT recruiting costs are ballooning, averaging $11,290-$20,698 per position

Further, even when qualified professionals do fill critical roles, those jobs often exhibit oversized and prohibitive turnover rates.

  • IT has the highest turnover rate of any business sector at 13.2%
  • Most IT pros leave roles within three years, and 20% go within a year

Learn more about what exactly this means and how it can affect your healthcare facility in the infographic below.

How Do These Trends Affect You?

Talent shortage and turnover lead to near-constant interruptions, forcing you to hire consistently, train, and ramp-up new IT professionals.

There’s a better way.

By outsourcing your IT solutions, you can eliminate these messy, seemingly endless cycles.

Effectively Addressing Your Organizations Needs

With an IT strategy from Phoenix Health Systems, a full assessment of your IT needs and current capabilities can determine the best unique approach for your operations.

Phoenix’s IT services can provide tech support for desktop and mobile devices, complete network infrastructure and data centers, help solve issues not able to be addressed on-site and allow for 24×7 remote service desk services.

  • Immediate technology expertise
  • Escape from the burden of the hire, train, manage cycle
  • Peace of mind through oversight and quality assurance
  • A pipeline of staffing resources

Learn More Today

To learn more about exactly how Phoenix Health Systems can compliment your healthcare facility, request a consultation today.

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