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Vendor / Payer Readiness — a Crucial Consideration in Your ICD-10 Project Plan

October 30, 2013

ICD-10 2 Minute Read

As most providers are aware (at least we hope) — the transition to ICD-10 will require significant communication and coordination with vendors and payers.  In order to minimize the adverse impacts of ICD-10, providers must assess the readiness of business partners to transact with the new ICD-10 codes as part of their ICD-10 project plan.

Those providers who have not initiated communication with their vendors and payers coordination with vendor and payerswill face serious challenges come the October 1, 2014 deadline. Historically, the industry culture has been one of “non-collaboration” and, according to studies, it appears providers, payers, and vendors have been operating under differing ICD-10 implementation timelines.



So, what should providers do to ensure vendor and payer preparedness? Here are some essential steps:

  • Create a vendor inventory, including products and versions.
  • Determine processes that need vendor and payer ICD-10 support.
  • Discuss business needs early on with vendors and payer partners.
  • Understand vendor and payer timelines for upgrades and collaborate on implementation goals.
  • Schedule testing with your vendors immediately to ensure that your organization has enough time to perform level one and level two testing.
  • Incorporate vendor and payer-related tasks in project management (e.g. training, change management.)
  • Require deadlines for upgrades and other deliverables, and track them
  • Work with vendor and payer partners to test and remediate well in advance of the compliance dates.
  • Look into ICD-10 collaboratives in your state. Their goals are to promote integrated ICD-10 adoption across payers, vendors, and providers.
  • Charge an individual with ongoing responsibility for regular and frequent communications with partners.

If you are a provider and have not opened lines of communication with your vendors and payers, do it, NOW. If you have started planning with vendors and payers, it is necessary that you set expectations and plans for testing. Providers need to be fully aware of where delays may occur due to outside sources so that they can prepare for those delays.

For more resources related to the ICD-10 transition, visit our Resources section.

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