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Why Doing The New WEDI ICD-10 Survey Is SO Important!

June 17, 2015

ICD-10 1 Minute Read

One of the most definitive surveys ever on ICD-10 readiness is being conducted right now — just 3+ months before the ICD-10 implementation deadline. Considering the dismaying results of the February industry-wide survey conducted by the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI), I don’t think we can overstate the significance of the June survey’s outcomes.

mobileA major schism has been evident over the last year between large healthcare providers and small providers — including both physician practices and small hospitals — with regard to their ICD-10 readiness levels.  Large hospital systems have been working towards ICD-10 implementation for years, and appear ready to go as of the October 1 deadline. Smaller providers have been dogged by lack of resources and lulled by deadline delays, resulting in low readiness among a large percentage of them, at least as of February. “It’s crunch time,” says WEDI, and we couldn’t agree more.

If hospitals, physicians, health plans, vendors and clearinghouses don’t complete their own preparations and successfully sync up by October 1, the industry will experience payment disruptions never seen before. With the implementation deadline fast approaching, all have been invited by WEDI to participate in this very important initiative to gauge progress for all affected groups. The survey is available here. The final submission deadline is July 10, 2015. Results will be available later in July.

PLEASE PARTICIPATE IN THE WEDI ICD-10 SURVEY TODAY!  If you delay, you may forget. Again, This quick survey is available here.




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