Medsphere Cloud Services Platform Technical Requirements

  1. Workstation Specifications
    • Windows 7 or later: Workstations should meet or exceed the computer system requirements published by Microsoft for the version of Windows installed.
    • MacOS 10.8 or later: Workstations should meet or exceed the system requirements published by Apple for the version of Mac OS installed.
  2. Multi-factor Authentication Software or Hardware Tokens
    • Software-based tokens
      • FreeOTP, published by Redhat
      • OpenOTP Token, published by RCDevs
      • Microsoft Authenticator
    • Hardware-based OTP token devices
      • Any OATH token based on HOTP, TOTP or OCRA standards (note:  the vendor must provide the inventory file in PSKC RFC-6030 compliant format)
  3. IPSEC VPN Tunnels
  4. Internet Connectivity
    • As a general rule of thumb, a typical deployment with 100 concurrent peak users consumes less than 2 Mbps up/down.