OpenVista CareVue API

OpenVista CareVue Release 2 has a published application programming interface (API) designed to support development and deployment of applications by our customers or third parties to securely access protected health information. These applications may be designed for use by patients or by authorized providers.

Terms of Use

The OpenVista Common Data Set API is available for use by developers who agree to terms of use and application guidelines defined by Medsphere. Apps developed to this API will be able to connect to OpenVista customers using the OpenVista 2, 2017, release. OpenVista customers may choose to enable or disable API access. Registered developers may also use documentation provided by Medsphere for the purpose of developing apps.

The OpenVista CareVue API does not require any specific software components or configuration. It operates with secure communications via TLS encryption using the standard POST and GET messages as described in detail in our API documentation.


  1. You agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Medsphere, its subsidiaries, and OpenVista customers and their affiliates, and all of their employees, officers, directors, contractors and other personnel from and against any claim arising out of or relating, directly or indirectly, to you, any of your apps, or any use of any of your apps.

  2. Medsphere will issue an app key for each app you submit for registration. This key will be required to identify your app and to permit access to the API. 

  3. You agree that Medsphere and OpenVista customers may grant or deny API access to information at any time for any reason, and may implement control functions including but not limited to tracking and auditing access, disabling or blocking specific apps.

  4. An app may be blocked temporarily or permanently for abuse or misuse of the API or information obtained from the API. An app may be blocked for failure to follow reasonable security practices if so detected or reported to Medsphere or an OpenVista customer. Apps that make excessive or inefficient use of API resources may be limited in rate or duration of requests or blocked. Medsphere may allow an OpenVista customer to block an app for any reason. Medsphere understands that blocking should be a final option when less restrictive measures have failed.

  5. Terms of API use do not include access to OpenVista software and do not confer any rights to use, copy, or distribute OpenVista software. Direct access to OpenVista software is not required to develop or test apps. Testing can be done by working with an OpenVista customer or licensing OpenVista software for development use. Your registration of an app and receipt of documentation does not give you permission to access any Medsphere customer’s OpenVista system or any information stored in such systems.

  6. You agree to comply with app guidelines defined by Medsphere. These guidelines can be expected to change as needed to comply with regulations; protect private health information; safeguard OpenVista customer systems and Medsphere infrastructure; and provide a reliable, high-quality experience for OpenVista customers, as well as their patients and users.

  7. You are responsible for compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and certification requirements for the specific use of your app. Access through Medsphere’s API does not relieve you of any obligations under HIPAA, HITECH or relevant federal or state laws.

Getting Started

Contact Medsphere at 760-692-3700 to start the process and become an OpenVista app developer.

API Documentation