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Case Study: A North Carolina Clinic

As a principal in the Research Triangle Park, NC-based healthcare consulting firm Medical Practice Advisory Group, LLC, Deborah Wilkins had a client that was hindered by onerous IT costs and poor usability—the worst of both worlds. The clinic was stuck with multiple contracts from separate IT vendors under the auspices of the primary electronic health record (EHR) company, which also wanted to move the clinic to exorbitantly expensive new servers instead of to the cloud. Costs would have been high even if the existing platform produced data to feed a results-driven culture, which it did not.

The search for a replacement system that enabled retaining patient data led this Carolina clinic to Micro-Office Systems (MOS). By retaining MOS to facilitate data migration to a new EHR solution, Wilkins’ NC clients enjoyed the benefits of collaboration over coercion. Where the legacy vendor wanted to sell the clinic expensive servers in order to retain support, MOS migrated patient data to the cloud and provided ready access via a desktop application.

Download the full case study to read the details of how MOS set this Carolina clinic free. 

Case Study

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