IT Essentials for Healthcare Startups

Webinar Overview
As with everything anyone ever built, the durability of a healthcare startup requires first establishing a stable foundation. In the modern era, that means setting up a rock-solid technology base. Thinking of starting a new enterprise but unsure where to begin with the IT component? Medsphere has you covered. Watch our webinar recording for an informative outline of where to start and what to include.

IT Essentials for Healthcare Startups, Healthcare IT Essentials, IT Needs Assessment

The presentation covers these crucial topics:

  • Conducting an IT needs assessment
  • Budgeting effectively and controlling costs
  • Selecting hardware and software, including network infrastructure
  • Securing your data, recovering quickly from disaster scenarios, and complying with requirements
  • Choosing an IT services provider
  • Preparing for telemedicine
  • Ensuring a future-proof IT platform
  • Guaranteeing business continuity

You’ve probably had a great idea rolling around in your head for years now. Make sure your vision isn’t jeopardized by the failure to plan and put basic systems securely in place.

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