Patient Communication Gateway (PCG) / Patient Engagement Platform

Build a healthier practice with continuous patient engagement.


PCG by Medsphere is a complete patient engagement platform to manage patient-provider communications, notifications, and interactions throughout the patient lifecycle. We are known for our ability to tailor solutions to meet your healthcare facility’s unique patient communication needs and our exceptional customer support.

Common applications:

  • Medical practices who want to increase their use of digital tools and engage with patients across multiple communication platforms throughout the entire patient journey.

Our patient engagement platform is built to streamline and enhance the natural patient practice cycle, saving your staff time and engaging patients each step of the way. We deliver automated notifications across all channels that meet the needs of your practice and the expectations of your patients, including voicemail, mail, secure email, SMS/text, and patient portal secure delivery. We develop custom communication workflows that meet your practice’s needs from practice marketing, scheduling, and pre-visit orientation and reminders to day-of-visit registration and post-visit follow-up.

It’s taken a lot of work off my plate. I appreciate that the patients arrive well-informed and there is no doubt about an appointment time.

Practice Administrator

PCG helps practices:

  • Keep schedules full and moving
  • Let patients pre-register electronically
  • Facilitate patients showing up on time
  • Collect Copays, balances, and procedure deposits paid in advance
  • Easily deliver focused aftercare
  • Get 5-star patient reviews and a sterling reputation
  • And earn more referrals from satisfied patients

Available Services


Pre-Visit and Post-Visit Workflow

A comprehensive suite of pre-visit and post-visit patient communication tools:


  • Appointment Notifications (Reminders, Confirmations, No Show Notifications, Web Form Delivery)
  • Online Appointment Requests and Workflow
  • Customizable Web Forms
  • Pre-Visit eBlasts and Reports
  • Pre-Visit Online Forms that integrate with Select PM Systems


  • Scheduled and Rules-Based Recall Notifications
  • No-Show/Cancellation Management
  • Post-Visit Immediate Notifications
  • Post-Visit Surveys/Forms with Workflow
  • Post-Visit eBlasts
  • Post-Visit Reports


Virtual Tools

A complete virtual solution to coordinate all aspects of a patient visit:

Digital Reminders and Communication

  • Secure bidirectional texting
  • Automated reminder calls and emails
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Recall letters and notifications for missed visits

Digital Pre-Visit and Day-Of Patient Intake

  • Emailed visit instructions
  • Customizable online intake forms
  • Secure upload of insurance cards
  • Visit queue management
  • Contactless check-in process

Digital Patient Payments

  • E-statements
  • Self-service online payment functionality
  • Automated payment notifications and reminders


Patient Payment Workflow

Seamless patient payment tools to simplify billing and maximize revenue:

  • Patient statements – by text message, email, or postal delivery
  • Automated Payment Notifications and Reminders
  • Secure Payment Method Management
  • Overdue Balance Notifications
  • Branded Payment Portal
  • Self-service Online Payment Functionality
  • Mail Tracking
  • Financial Reports

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When you bundle with other solutions, you get just one partner to help you succeed and the efficiency of integrated solutions. From hospitals to physician practices, Medsphere is your go-to resource for all healthcare IT needs.


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