Intelligent Healthcare Workflow Automation

Automate your practice workflow pain points.


If you’re like many healthcare offices across the country, your staff probably spends a lot of time on repetitive tasks. Every year, healthcare providers and administrative staff expend massive amount of time and resources performing repetitive tasks such as moving data from one system to another, processing lists for billing, creating reports, or combining data from multiple systems and sources. These tasks are necessary, but it is not necessary to have your valuable staff and resources dedicated to them day-in and day-out. Intelligent workflow automation can help automate processes and help your organization save time and resources.

Common Applications:

  • Automation of any daily workflow
  • Hospitals and health systems seeking to:
    • increase integration across the continuum of care
    • reduce medical errors
    • increase collaboration across departments
    • ensure compliance

Our experienced intelligent workflow automation experts work with your facility to complete a comprehensive workflow analysis. Through this analysis, we identify opportunities to streamline business processes. We then apply a range of technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), optical/image character recognition (OCR/ICR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to fully automate those existing workflows so that your organization can operate more efficiently and productively.

We put Security First
Information/data security is the cornerstone of everything we build at Micro-Office Systems, and automation and data interfacing is no exception.

HIPAA Compliance
As healthcare specialists, we are cognizant of HIPAA needs and incorporate them throughout our designs.

PCI Compliance
As a Payment Facilitator for credit card and banking transactions, we are adept at securely handling financial transactions.

They made our billing process way more efficient. I saved a ton of time and it has really helped from an accounting standpoint. In the past, the process was a lot more manual.


CNH Associates

The Components:

Intelligent (I)

  • Minimize situations requiring manual intervention
  • Rules-based and data-driven
  • Efficient to adapt and enhance
  • Recognizing the unexpected – context checking, error handling, logging

Workflow (W)

  • Use the opportunity to enhance & streamline processes
  • Discovery – the importance of careful analysis to understand all aspects of the manual steps that are performed

Automation (A)

  • Utilize Multiple tools – each as appropriate for the job. Scripting, Programming, RPA, Direct Data Access, OCR, ICR
  • Adapt performance as appropriate to the needs of the workflow

Available Services


Intelligent Workflow Automation

Our clients experience the benefits of IWA very soon after implementation. These benefits include: resource time savings, elimination of human error, and a noticeable improvement in employee engagement and morale. When your employees aren’t performing the same repetitive, mundane tasks everyday but instead are occupied with tasks that keep them challenged and engaged, they will be more productive and enthusiastic. IWA is often implemented to reduce administrative costs, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Often, staff satisfaction benefits are just as significant as the direct ROI from time and expense savings.

Benefits of IWA:

  • Reduced Administrative Workload
  • Integrate systems that defy classical integration methods
  • Simplified and Expedited Patient Billing/RCM Process
  • Perform high-volume rote functions using automation rather than staff

Why Micro-Office Systems IWA?

Our reputation, our experience and our focus on driving value for our clients is why we continue to be one of the most trusted organizations in this field. We have 30+ years of happy clients who have trusted us to move their data and optimize their workflows.

Some of the reasons we stand out include:

  • Projects built around our proprietary integration engine
  • Hundreds of integrations to various healthcare software systems
  • It has been fine-tuned over the years for maximum performance and reliability
  • Efficient resource usage
  • Use of a proven engine ensures that projects perform consistently
  • We have extensive healthcare workflow automation experience
  • We focus on long term quality over quantity
  • We can help whether you have a robust IT staff or no IT staff at all
  • We automate your current technologies to reduce vendor and tool costs

We would love the opportunity to have a conversation with you or your team to better understand your workflow pain points. We begin with process discovery to identify workflows that are candidates for workflow automation, and can then propose solutions for you to evaluate.

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