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ICD-10 Implementation Project Plan

May 29, 2013

ICD-10 2 Minute Read

With the compliance date for ICD-10 on the horizon, there is a lot of work to be done before October 1, 2014.  If you’ve initiated your ICD-10 implementation project plan, you are familiar with the immense impact the new codes have on providers. If you haven’t started planning, you need to start today.

Delays in planning and implementing the new code set will result in payment delays and negative impacts to your revenue cycle. To put the amount of work into perspective — many experts have compared the ICD-10 changeover to the effort for Y2K. Every system that deals with diagnoses or procedure codes have to be upgraded – do you have the staff to handle that? Are you aware of your vendor’s timeline? What about the payer plans?

There is an overwhelming number of components to consider and we want to ensure you don’t miss a beat. Kick-start your implementation efforts with our ICD-10 Implementation Checklist. The checklist details the components of implementation that need to be considered in each phase.

Get your staff on board the ICD-10 train! Save the checklist and share with your colleagues. Use it to begin assessing the systems, processes, vendors, and departments that need to be involved and addressed in order to successfully complete the transition by the deadline.

icd 10 implementation project plan


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