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Podcast: What to Look For in a Laboratory Billing Partner

March 17, 2021

Laboratory Billing, Podcast 1 Minute Read

No, managing a commercial laboratory didn’t get complicated just when the pandemic started. It was complex all along, even if COVID-19 has not helped.

For lab managers, level of complexity is determined by regulation, the types of testing the lab performs, and the ancillary responsibilities associated with primary functions. Remove some of these ancillary tasks and the level of complexity eases up a bit.

Of course, lab managers doing especially complicated testing will want to retain control of things like billing to ensure they’re done correctly and reimbursement is maximized. With decades of extensive experience in the lab testing industry, Scott Liff understands the need to retain control, but he also knows that a trusted laboratory billing partner can improve billing efficiency and free up the lab manager to focus almost exclusively on the core aspects of laboratory testing. In this podcast, Scott describes in detail what to look for and ask of a prospective lab billing partner.

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