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New Systems Implementation Requires Collaboration

A lot of the Healthcare Industry and commentary we read this week emphasized the importance of collaboration when implementing new systems and processes. In order to successfully impact change in healthcare, all parties need to be involved. This is an absolute requirement when it comes to ICD-10. We recently discussed the lack of collaboration between providers, payers and vendors in the transition to ICD-10 and the story we’re kicking off our HIT Curator post with this week, echoes our point. 

Transition to ICD-10 Requires Collaboration

In this recent post, HIStalk introduces a five-step approach to collaborative testing. The approach enables providers to assess their readiness and achieve a less disruptive transition to ICD-10 by performing activities such as identifying key partners, developing testing scenarios and playing out those scenarios to determine their outcomes.

It’s vital that providers begin their transition to ICD-10 now. In order to do that, organizations need to consider and involve their partners.

The Wall Street Journal Interviews CIOs on HIPAA Compliance Challenges

In interviews with hospital CIOs, the Wall Street Journal reveals challenges healthcare CIOs are preparing to address as a result of the new Omnibus HIPAA requirements. The main issue they explore in the article is that of the patients’ increased control over the personal healthcare information they choose to share with insurance companies. The complication of this increased patient control will likely require CIOs to build out technology to support it. It’s challenges like this that will make it difficult for providers to meet the September 23 deadline.

Improving Systems Use and Data Sharing in HIT

You can’t read any HIT publication and not see something on the subject of data. It’s an important topic and one of great value to all healthcare providers, which is why we’d like to share an interesting infographic created by the Institute for Health Technology Transformation. It illustrates how health organizations are using data and it’s impact. Get the full report.

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First #HITsm Google+ Hangout

If you’re on Twitter and like to keep up with all things HIT, you likely listen and/or participate in the weekly #HITsm chat. It’s a great forum where healthcare IT professionals come together to discuss all kinds of topics related to health IT. This week, the discussion focused on healthcare employee burnout. It was a great discussion. What made it even better was the Goole+ Hangout that happened right after the chat. John Lynn (@techguy) of Healthcare Scene did a great job moderating the discussion. You can watch the video on YouTube. I encourage you to tune in to the weekly chat on Twitter.

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