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Podcast: What Matters When Choosing a Behavioral Health EHR

June 10, 2020

Behavioral Health, Healthcare IT, Podcast 1 Minute Read

Building a new patient treatment center from the ground up is not an easy task, as Dr. Michael Krupa, the founder and CEO of TaraVista Behavioral Health Center, can attest. Prior to opening TaraVista in 2016, Dr. Krupa knew that a state-of-the-art facility would require a comprehensive healthcare IT support system. He also knew that clinical applications alone were insufficient, that a strong development partner was essential, and that affordability was a bedrock consideration in the system review process.

“Treating a behavioral health patient means treating the entire patient and all ailments, not just the mental component,” Krupa said. “I needed a platform that spoke to the unique needs of behavioral health and included traditional medical inputs in one place. As a standalone facility with Medicare patients, the selected system had to meet a number of regulatory requirements, and we were fortunate to find a platform that checked all the boxes.”

In this podcast, Dr. Krupa generously shares the educational and research process he and his staff went through to identify an optimal healthcare IT solution. Much of the insight he acquired through countless hours is available here to other behavioral health providers and administrators who may be considering a move from paper to digital technology or from a limited behavioral health application to a fully functional platform.

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