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Solve your legacy systems dilemma. Outsource them to Phoenix while you move forward with the new platform.

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Managing existing legacy systems is a key obligation of hospital IT departments during transitions to new EHRs and other major systems. The transition from a legacy system to new technology must be seamless and uninterrupted. Patient care and overall hospital operations cannot be compromised and federal HIPAA and JCAHO compliance must remain consistent before, during and after the new implementation.

Many organizations choose not to use valuable technical staff members to maintain a legacy system, preferring to dedicate them to the new implementation project.

Phoenix brings a higher level of technical expertise, which has been a recruitment challenge in the past. This allows us to ensure our continuing success at delivering high quality health care through our electronic health record system. The vast knowledge and experience Phoenix brings to the hospital is further enhanced by their Leveraged Service Center. Phoenix is committed to superior customer service that coincides with our philosophy.

225 Bed Midwestern Community Hospital

Phoenix has successfully developed and executed legacy IT system transition project plans in many hospital environments. In some cases, we managed only the legacy systems; in others, we also managed the transition. In all cases, we successfully retained all staff until IT operations ended or were transferred.

Available Services

Phoenix assumes responsibility for leadership, support and operation of your legacy system while a new system is being installed.


Our Responsibility

  • We can move all or part of the legacy system operation off-site, including hosting the current hardware platform.
  • We can leverage our onshore service desk operations to seamlessly support the legacy system, the replacement system or both.
  • We can assume interim responsibility for IT operations by assigning an experienced CIO to manage the legacy systems and support transition in areas such as data migration and change management.
  • We can design and lead your overall transition plan.


Reasons for Legacy Transition Services

  • Hospitals transitioning to a new system
  • Hospitals that have been acquired or expect to be acquired
  • Hospitals transitioning to new outsourcing vendors
  • Hospitals undergoing or planning bankruptcy

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