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Download Our Guide to Vetting & Selecting the Best Hospital IT Outsourcing Solutions

May 10, 2018

IT Outsourcing 2 Minute Read

More hospitals are considering outsourcing to reduce costs, which is a proven benefit.  The 2017 Black Book survey reported that 91 percent of outsourcing hospitals have seen ROI after about six months. 73 percent of health systems with more than 300 beds and 81 percent of providers with fewer beds are relying on outsourcing for various IT management and infrastructure services. The cost-efficiency of many IT outsourcing solutions has greatly increased their adoption across the world, with the United States leading the way.

Why then are nearly 40 percent of American healthcare organizations unhappy with their outsourcing vendor experiences? Only 10 percent of the nearly 1600 polled users say their outsourcing vendors have exceeded expectations. We’ve developed a 15-page whitepaper guide to help hospitals avoid the mistakes of many, and greatly improve the success of their outsourcing engagements. It’s yours to download.

Our detailed new IT outsourcing guide covers many “lessons learned” of hospitals that have expressed dissatisfaction with their outsourcers and their performance. Many of our recommendations have been generated through Phoenix’ own 25-year experience outsourcing various IT solutions to hundreds of hospitals. We’ve seen what works — and what doesn’t work!

Topics we cover include:

  • The reasons why most hospitals are outsourcing one or more IT functions
  • Why so many hospital users are dissatisfied with their outsourcing experiences
  • How to determine if you really need IT outsourcing
  • Tips on conducting a thorough needs assessment and analysis
  • Factors to consider before making the decision to outsource
  • Common errors in choosing the right outsourcing vendor
  • How to identify potential outsourcing vendor candidates
  • Tips on vetting outsourcing vendor candidates
  • How to put the pieces together to choose final candidates
  • Tips on best IT outsourcing contracting practices

Well-executed outsourcing can solve difficult internal problems with great success and cost saving, but poorly-executed outsourcing can worsen those problems or create new ones.  Hospitals have hired unqualified or irresponsible vendors that solved few problems, set hospitals back financially, and even created operational crises. Some organizations have signed multi-year contracts without clearly understanding or defining the scope of work, and/or without appropriate SLAs and other incentives and protections in place. Considering the expense of longterm IT outsourcing contracts and the critical operational stakes that are at risk, final decisions to engage an outsourcing partner — and the scope and strength of the contract agreement —  should be weighed carefully. The great number of companies that provide various forms of outsourcing complicates the process greatly — but at the same time offers a wealth of solution options.

Our new whitepaper guide is not an advertisement for Phoenix. Yes, our firm was ranked #1 among non-EHR-centric IT outsourcers in the 2017 Black Book study. We are proud of this recognition, of course, but our objective is to help you and your associates wade through the options and potential vetting pitfalls to arrive at an ideal solution for your unique organization.



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