D'Arcy Gue

Infographic: Top 8 Rules for Secure Texting in Healthcare

March 28, 2018

HIPAA & Security 1 Minute Read

Texting among healthcare team members has become a valuable communications tool that creates efficiencies and improves patient safety. Some organizations also use opt-in texting programs to send reminders to patients. But strict rules must be followed to meet HIPAA privacy and security regulations and prevent cybercriminal activity. Providers must implement policies to ensure the security and integrity of their texting systems, platforms and content. We have developed an infographic (downloadable as a poster) that will serve as a great reminder to your staff that secure texting in healthcare is essential, and to FOLLOW THE RULES.

We recently posted a broader and deeper discussion of of federal requirements around healthcare texting, which I recommend you reading. Our healthcare texting infographic is intended as a reminder, and summarizes the top 8 secure texting rules for healthcare staff assuming your organization authorizes texting. It also emphasizes that authorized texting users must be trained on the organization’s texting policies.

The infographic covers key HIPAA-related requirements, but by no means covers all privacy/security factors or an organization’s specific policies. It offers clear point by point information explaining that texting standards must meet regulated standards, and that texting among healthcare teams or with patients without following the rules is not okay.

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