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What is the Impact of Omnibus HIPAA on Notice of Privacy Practices?

April 15, 2013

HIPAA & Security 1 Minute Read

With the release of the Omnibus HIPAA Rule in January, a number of changes were made in areas affecting business associates, breach notification standards and Notice of Privacy Practices. Recently, we’ve been discussing these changes and working to educate business associates and covered entities on the new requirements that the Rule imposes. This week, we’re focused on the changes to Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP).

Covered entities need to review their NPPs since the Omnibus HIPAA Rule makes changes to the Privacy Rule’s NPP requirements. Specifically, covered entities must now include a number of new statements in their NPPs.

To assist you in the process of updating your NPPs, we’ve laid out the changes and additional statements to be added, in the infographic below. Keep in mind that this infographic is not a comprehensive summary of the changes, but hopefully a way to help you understand how Omnibus HIPAA affects NPPs at a high level.

impact of omnibus hipaa on notice of privacy practices

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