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Even in 2019, Your Staff is a Cyber-Security HIPAA Risk — Here’s Some Free Help

May 17, 2019

HIPAA & Security 2 Minute Read

Our healthcare industry has become the largest target of all sectors for hackers primarily because of the huge volume of personal information that they can collect. Our personal information, our organization’s financial data, and especially the health and personal information of our patients offer a treasure trove for online profiteers. There’s another big reason why healthcare gets hit so often: many organizations still lack adequate policies, procedures, or resources to optimize employees’ monitoring activities and ensure privacy and security.

We’ve developed a brand new downloadable, printable high-resolution infographic to support healthcare organizations in persuading staff to consistently take precautions against cybersecurity risks created by external bad actors.

Security damage and privacy compromise are often caused by our staffs’ missteps, which can create enticing windows of opportunity for online hackers. Poor password management, lack of email encryption, sharing passwords, use of unsecured Wi-Fi networks, downloading unauthorized software, leaving laptops open and accessible — and much more carelessness abounds. No one wants to experience theft or damage of his or her private data. Of even greater concern is loss or theft of HIPAA-protected health information (PHI), which can lead to breaches of patient privacy and hospital financial information, as well as major federal fines.

Here is our new, authoritative infographic that offers key cybersecurity tips for you and your employees. It’s available as an attention-getting high-resolution poster that you can download, print and post in lunchrooms and department bulletin boards. You might want to share it with your business associates too — about 56 percent of provider organizations have been the victims of a vendor or third-party HIPAA breach, according to a new study. Following is a low-resolution image below for your review — but the 24-inch high-res version is yours by clicking the link below.


Download the high resolution poster here >>

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